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The Spanish Language and Culture Programme in Australia (ALCE: Agrupación de Lengua y Cultura Españolas) is part of the Spanish Ministry of Education programmes abroad.
ALCE offers Spanish lessons for Spanish citizens or descendents of Spanish citizens. These lessons are aimed at students who attend Australian schools. The students' ages range from 6 (must be 7 by the end of the school year) to 17, whilst enrolled fulltime in Primary or Secondary education.
The Spanish teachers in charge of the classes are fully qualified professionals, most of them are Spanish Civil Servants who have obtained their tenured position after competitive exams and a process of professional qualification that enables them to teach in Spanish Public Schools.
These classes are based on a general curriculum plan which is adapted to students’ needs in the different countries where the programme is offered. In our classes we use a motivated and attractive learning process and a communicative approach, underlining an active and participative role. We use a wide range of resources, such as: games, role plays, songs, arts and new technologies where possible. 

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