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Third Annual "Semana de México", Seattle 2011

Teacher training

The Center for Spanish Studies organises teacher training activities periodically all year round. These courses and workshops are open to all elementary, middle and high school teachers and aim at enhancing teaching skills and improving knowledge of hispanic cultures and the Spanish language. You can look at some of the latest courses offered by the Center here.

Teacher development opportunities

New teacher training opportunities to come in the fall.

Cultural activities

The Center for Spanish Studies regularly cooperates with institutions like the Instituto Cervantes in Seattle, the Honorary Consulate of Spain for the states of Washington and Oregon and the University of Washington, especially with the Division of Spanish and Portuguese. We also work with other institutions and individulas in our endevour to promote the Hispanic language and cultures.

Academic activities

The Center for Spanish Studies offers the students of the Division of Spanish and Portuguese a conversation group to enhance their Spanish speaking skills. It is well liked and wonderfully conducted by the visiting graduate of the Center.

We also offer a writing consulting service by which the students of the Division can help improve their Spanish writing skills on a one-to-one basis.

Linguistic assesment

The Center is always open to answer questions about the Spanish language. These questions usually come from graduate students doing some specific research into a particular aspect of Spanish. Thanks to the valuable resources we have at the Center, we are able to answer most of these very challenging questions. We welcome anybody to make use of our knowledge and willingness to help.

Information on the programs of the Spanish Ministry of Education in the USA

We receive a great deal of visits to find out more about certain programs that the Spanish Minsitry of Education carries out in Washington and Oregon. Some of these visits require that we help fill out forms or explain a certain procedure. We are very pleased to help either via e-mail, on the telephone or personally, within the Center's hours.

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